Always L♥ve

In a world of pain and suffering, we are called to be a light unto others and to love our neighbour.

Sometimes it's hard -- we all have struggles of our own, and we're so bombarded by the noise and negativity around us that we get sucked into it ourselves.

Sometimes all we hear, know, and see is hatred, judgement, and intolerance.

Always love.

Love never fails.

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Jan 25 '12


Did Jesus Ever Smile?

When you look carefully at the Gospels, you find a man with an obvious joie de vivre, a preacher who told funny stories to make a point, a leader who gave his disciples nicknames and a former carpenter who enjoyed a good joke.

So why do we often think of Jesus as gloomy, and why do all those statues, paintings and mosaics portray him as downcast?

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